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Sneak Preview - MarkMyWords 1.4.0

It's been awhile since last time I wrote about MarkMyWords and SizeMyPics. Despite my main-focus has been eBookBinder for the last few months, the work on MarkMyWords and SizeMyPics still continued. Today I will give a sneak peak at MarkMyWords 1.4.0, mainly on the interface-changes.

I added some screenshots to display the made changes to the image-box at the end of the blog-post.

As you can see, a new bar has been added to the top of the editor and the web-live-preview. This new bar replaces the old counter/headline-navigation bar of the editor and the control-bar of the web-live-preview. Also the language-selector moved from the bottom-bar to this new bar on the top.

Therefore, due to the move of the language-selector and the layout-selector to the toolbar MarkMyWords can now sport the now popular borderless-design many people like. Personally, I like the bottom-bar, mainly because you can grab the window at this bar and move it around, and thus this bottom-bar can still be made visible by enabling it from the preferences.

I also changed the look of the char/word-counter, and gave it a more compact look. I think there is no real need to label these two counters to distinguish them, the higher number is for chars and the lower one for the words, this shouldn't be too hard to find out.

With these changes, you can have MarkMyWords in a truly minimalistic look and feel or in a more traditional look.

Some other new features and improvements

Of course there are more new things to come. Albeit I can't tell too much right now, there are two more things I can announce for today.

The headline-navigation has been improved to better represent the different levels of the headlines by using visible indention.

Textile-user probably will happy to hear, MarkMyWords 1.4.0 will come with Textile version 2.3. Currently MarkMyWords sports version 2.0.


As always, there is still a lot to do and until the final release there will be some Betas for you to try out. Currently MarkMyWords 1.4.0 is scheduled for release at the end of May or beginning of June.

Until next time!


Published: Apr 03. 2012 - 20:33 | 0 Comments