On this page various examples of extensions for MarkMyWords are presented, which can serve as inspiration for your own extensions.

All examples in one package

The following download offers all the examples listed on this page in one zip package: All sample extensions

Core examples

These examples, for the languages ​​supported by MarkMyWords, can be used as a starting point for developing your own extensions.

Linker example

The Linker example comes with a JSON file that contains a link list that can be expanded manually. When activating the extension, you will be asked for the link file. After selection, the text selected in the main editor is searched for certain keywords and the found keywords will be linked. E.g. the extensions Searches for the word "Google" and replaces it with "[Google] (https://www.google.com "Visit Google")".

Download Linker Extension

FolderLister example

With this extension you can select a directory whose files will be added to the current document as a list.

Download FolderLister Extension

LittleBlog example

The LittleBlog Extension shows the cooperation between MarkMyWords and a server. The extension sends the current text to a script on a remote server and saves it. As a response, MarkMyWords then receives the notification that the data has been saved.
Note: The download contains the corresponding script that enables communications between MarkMyWords and a remote server.
Note: In the extension, the corresponding URL for calling the script must be adapted to your own circumstances. This can easily be done in the Extension Manager of MarkMyWords.
Note: This system (extension + server script) is only for demonstration purposes and should not be used for regular use due to the lack of security measures.

Download LittleBlog Extension

More smaller examples

Note: The complete documentation for developing extensions for MarkMyWords can be found in the help of MarkNyWords.