MarkMyWords - Markup Writing Suite

MarkMyWords has been specifically developed and designed for authors, who publish their articles on blogs and news-sites. MarkMyWords supports a selected set of Markup-Languages and offers a lot of features to support the writer to focus on what really matters: The content.
The beta version of MarkMyWords 2 can be used without restrictions by all users who have purchased MarkMyWords on the Mac App Store. All other users have the opportunity to test MarkMyWords 2 for 30 days.
The final version of MarkMyWords 2 will be released 2021 and will be a free update for all users who purchaded MarkMyWords on the Mac App Store.
MarkMyWords requires macOS 10.10 or higher
MarkMyWords is localized in English and German

Markup for everyone

With MarkMyWords texts can be edited with different markup languages. In addition to the well known languages ​​HTML and Markdown, MarkMywords also supports the languages ​​ MultiMarkdown, MarkdownExtra, Textile, Wikitext, BBCode and Smark.

Specialized Editor

A editor that works for you! Font type and size, color for text, selected text and background, text spacing, line numbering and much more can be set.
MarkMyWords offers extensive possibilities to adapt the text field to your own wishes.

See what it looks like

The preview of MarkMyWords offers an immediate view of the current document and so allows to examine the formatting.
Alternatively, MarkMyWords also offers the option of viewing the current document in a browser.
In addition, you can define your own application to which the current document is sent in the preferences of MarkMyWords.

The Sidebar

The file navigator for set Quicksave folders offers a fast and uncomplicated access to those folders and documents that should be quickly accessible.
With the integrated search and the option to only display documents with a certain color tag, the desired document can be found quickly.

MarkMyWords has even more to offer

Distraction-free mode

Those, who feel disturbed by user interfaces when writing, will appreciate the distraction-free mode of MarkMyWords. If this is activated, all elements of the user interface are hidden, so that full concentration can be devoted to the text, unless a nice background image is used!


Textbundle is an open format that allows pure text documents to be bundled with other files in a single file. MarkMyWords supports both opening and saving Textbundle files. In addition, existing documents can be exported as a Textbundle- or a Textpack-file.

Dark Mode for everyone

Since macOS Mojave (10.14), MarkMyWords automatically adapts to the system settings. For earlier versions of macOS, MarkMyWords offers a manual dark mode that can be activated at any time.

Import von CSV-Tabellen

With the import function, MarkMyWords can insert tablesinto documents easily. Simply select the corresponding CSV file and MarkMyWords inserts the table, including the needed markup code of the currently selected markup language.


MarkMyWords can import text from text files of the most common text applications directly without annoying intermediate steps and can even filter out existing formatting.


MarkMyWords can export the formatted texts as RTF, Doc, ODT, HTML or PDF with a click on the Export button. This is particularly useful when text is to be shared with others who do not use markup languages.