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Note-C 2.5.1 released

Note-C 2.5.1 is now available on the Mac App Store.

This update for Note-C provides various improvements and bug fixes in several areas. Besides improvements for the internal markup parser for the MultiMarkdown and Textile languages and other markup related areas, this update also fixes a bug in the text validation with LanguageTool.org.

In addition, this update of Note-C also provides improvements in the handling of the editor in the areas of text clips, text statistics and the CriticMarkup popover tool

Changes in detail:


  • new, additional option for the internal markup parser to create HTML5 compliant markup tags on empty elements (img, br, hr)


  • improved popup behavior of the CriticMarkup popover feature under certain circumstances
  • improvements in text statistics
  • improved behavior using text clips when selection is cancelled by ESC key
  • preferences for setting up the MultiMarkdown tool adjusted to meet the new requirements
  • several minor internal adjustments
  • improvement in sorting of entries if they contain only a number as title

Internal Markup Parser

  • improvements in the handling of attributes for block elements


  • adjusted display for footnotes, they are now displayed superscripted and without brackets
  • adjusted display for citations, which correspond to the current MultiMarkdown representation

Bug fixes:

  • fixes a bug when using the citation markup, which causes the app to crash under certain circumstances


  • fixes a bug when using markup attributes that causes the app to crash under certain circumstances
  • fixes a bug with the conversion of citation markup that led to incorrect display under certain conditions

Important Links:

Purchase Note-C at the Mac App Store

Download the Demo Version of Note-C

Note-C Overview

Note-C Release Notes

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