eBookBinder 1.2.0, Note-C 1.0.5 and Myary 1.0.5 released

Today I can present updates for three apps. All of them include interesting new features, improvements and bug-fixes. Let's start:

eBookBinder 1.2.0

When reading the release-notes, you'll notice, the main-focus of this update are improvements for the import of free epub-files. But the work on this topic also lead to many improvements for the normal use of eBookBinder. Additionally there is now a demo-version, to try out eBookBinder. Here the full list of changes:


Improvements when importing:


Bugs fixed:

Note-C 1.0.5

The update for Note-C offers some really nice new features and improvements to to enhance the reliability. A special feature of thus update is the dark-window mode (can be enabled via the preferences) which is a nice contrast to the standard light-grey. The full list of changes:

Myary 1.0.5

In the updates of Myary many of the new features of Note-C are also included. Also here I want to point out the dark-window mode (can be enabled via the preferences) as a special new feature. The complete list of changes:

Until next time!