16Myary 1.4.2 Preview

The next update for Myary is around the corner. A lot of improvements and changes have been made under the hood. At first glance you won't see any changes, but I'm sure, when working with Myary you'll notice how smoother everything runs. Additionally, starting with this version of Myary, Mac App Store customers gain full access to the direct-version of Myary. Meaning, when using a direct-version of Myary and you have purchased and installed the Mac App Store-Version of Myary, you can also use the direct-version from this page without limitations.

A Beta-Demo to try out the new features and improvements can be be downloaded from following link: Beta-Demo Download

If there are any issues, don’t hesitate and write a comment below this entry or use the support-form to write me a message.

The full list of changes:




Until next time!