NaNoWriMo is coming

The National Novel Writing Month (November 1-30) starts soon and to support aspiring writers Xelaton is offering steep discounts on its writing applications.

From October 1-31, MarkMyWords, Note-C, Myary and eBookBinder will be offered with a 60+%-Discount at the Mac App Store.


MarkMyWords is the most sophisticated writing-application Xelaton has to offer. Specifically aimed at users of Markup-languages (like Markdown or Textile), MarkMyWords offers a vast set of features and interface-options to support your writing without disturbing your creative writing-process. Learn more about MarkMyWords or get it right now at the Mac App Store.


The note-collection application Note-C is the easiest way to store your thoughts, background-informations, text-outlines and more. With the option to create multiple notebooks, vast export-options several crafty under-the-hood features, Note-C is the perfect companion for the NaNoWriMo-event. Learn more about Note-C or get it right now at the Mac App Store.


At its heart Myary is a diary-application, why not writing a diary-like novel? Or use it for documenting your writing-efforts. Myary offers extensive export-options and several features to enhance and speed-up your writing. Learn more about Myary or get it right now at the Mac App Store,


After you've finished your novel, eBookBinder is the perfect tool to pack your story into a nicely formatted eBook. Offering multiple options to enhance your book, the creation of the final book can be achieved with just a few clicks. Learn more about eBookBinder or get it right now at the Mac App Store.

Don't hesitate and get your tools ready for the NoNoWriMo-event!

Until next time!