Easy-Cat, the GUI for the terminal-tool cat

Today I present my newest app Easy-Cat, the GUI for the Terminal-Tool "cat", which can be used to concatenate several files into one single file. Additionally Easy-Cat also sports a batch-feature, so the work can be prepared to be performed in the background.

The Beta-Demo of Easy-Cat can be downloaded using this link: Easy-Cat Beta Download. The Beta-Demo will be valid until March 31st. (System-Requirements: OSX 10.9 or higher)

Reason for creating this app:

Recently I startet to concatenate my tv-recordings, which are stored as ts-files, prior editing them. However using the Terminal and the cat-tool wasn't really convenient. Adding the files in the right order, waiting for the execution before concatenate the next files and other annoyances paved the way for creating Easy-Cat. I just wanted to assemble all files, specify an output-folder and hit a button.

The cat-tool can be used to concatenate raw data, for example plain-text-data, unencoded music- and video-data. So the intended use-case for the cat-tool is quite limited by todays standards, where most apps encode, encrypt or pack it's data-files in some way. Let me know which kind of files you use with the cat-tool.

A little introduction to Easy-Cat:

Using Easy-Cat, as its name implies, should be very easy. The interface sports two tables, an output-folder-selection and a start-button as interactive elements.

Left Table
the left table is where you specify the output-files. You can specify a name for the file produced, also called a project. Additionally a small symbol will be displayed next to the name. If there is something wrong with this project, a detailed error-message will be displayed below the table.
Right Table
the right table is where you add your files. Your can add files by using the +-button or by drag'n drop. There is an automatic check, if the file-extensions do fit and there is also a warning, if you add duplicates.
Output-folder path-selection
to select a specific output-folder, click on the path-bar to select a specific folder. This selection is automatically remembered for using when starting Easy-Cat the next time
when everything is set up, just hit the start-button in the lower right of the window. However, the the start-button will be deactivated, when something's not correct, please take a look at the left table and look for error-symbols.

Interested? Get the Beta-Demo of Easy-Cat and try it out: Easy-Cat Beta Download. The Beta-Demo will be valid until March 31st. (System-Requirements: OSX 10.9 or higher)