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Note-C 2.0.0 Beta 1 Preview

After a long development time, I can finally present the next version of Note-C. Due to the large number of new features and improvements, I decided to set the version number to 2.0.0.

Probably the most important question for all existing Note-C users: Yes, Note-C 2.0.0 will be a Free Update for all existing Note-C users.

The beta of Note-C can be downloaded from the following link: Note-C 2.0.0 Beta 1 Download. Note-C users who purchased Note-C from the Mac App Store can use this version without any restrictions. For all others, a 30-day trial period applies. System Requirements: macOS 10.10 or later.

Below I highlight three areas that make this update special.


A lot has happened in the area of ​​markup and Note-C now offers even more support and features in formatting your texts.

Note-C also supports the markup language MarkdownExtra now, which is an extension of the regular Markdown language. MarkdownExtra is also known by many other names, such as github-flavored Markdown or Parsedown. Popular features of this markup language include formatting for tables and strikethrough text.
MultiMarkdown Exe
By default, Note-C uses the Perl version of MultiMarkdown, which has not been updated since version 2. If you want to use the newer version of MultiMarkdown, you can now do so in Note-C. In the Preferences of Note-C, the MultiMarkdown option makes it easy to set up the latest version of MultiMarkdown for Note-C in just a few steps.
Markup menu
Markup now has its own menu item in the main menu, which has been enriched with many commands. To all commands there are also corresponding keyboard shortcuts which allow easier and more enjoyable writing and formatting. In addition, the desired markup language can be quickly set via this menu item.
Also new is the possibility to use CriticMarkup. CriticMarkup is an extra syntax for commenting and correcting texts. CriticMarkup is available in all markup languages ​​after activation through the preferences. Additionally, within the preferences the look of CriticMarkup can be adjusted for the preview.

Modernized User Interface

When you first start Note-C 2.0.0, the redesigned user interface is immediately eye-catching

More compact appearance
Note-C controls have been grouped together in the toolbar, giving you a better overview. If you do not need the toolbar, you can also hide it, which makes the look even more compact. In addition, the normal title bar can now be hidden, making the toolbar a quasi title bar, offering the familiar modern look of macOS apps.
Bright, dark user interface
In the earlier versions, Note-C already offered the ability to switch between light and dark appearances. This has been further improved to match the general macOS style. In addition, it is now possible to quickly switch between light and dark user interface via the menu item Display > Light / Dark User Interface without having to restart Note-C.

Icons for Notebooks

Note-C now offers even more options for creating icons for notebooks. An exact overview of all possibilities can be found in the help of Note-C. However, I would like to highlight at this point the new way to use Emoji as icons for notebooks. The setup is very simple. First, open the Emoji panel (Main menu: Edit > Emoji & Symbols). In the Preferences of Note-C under General, select the appropriate notebook that should be provided with an emoji, and then drag the desired emoji from the emoji panel to the icon field in the Preferences. After saving, the new icon is already set up. With Emojis a very large number of possible icons are available.

Release of the final version of Note-C 2.0.0

There are still some things to do before the final version can be released, so I can not give you an exact release date, but I guess it will be ready in July.

The beta of Note-C can be downloaded from the following link: Note-C 2.0.0 Beta 1 Download. Note-C users who purchased Note-C from the Mac App Store can use this version without any restrictions. For all others, a 30-day trial period applies. System Requirements: macOS 10.10 or later.

Feedback of any kind is welcome and can be send via the Support-Contact Form.

Here is the complete and long list of changes:

Release Notes


  • MarkdownExtra as new language option added
  • MultiMarkdown-Terminal-Tool can be used instead of the Perl script. To use the Terminal-Tool perform the necessary steps in the preferences of Note-C under the item "MultiMarkdown"
  • added CriticMarkup support, must be activated explicitly via the preferences under the item "CriticMarkup"
  • modernized user interface
  • switching between bright / dark user interface via the menu Point View > Bright / Dark User Interface. A restart of Note-C is no longer required
  • show / hide the title bar accessible via the menu item View > Show / Hide Titlebar
  • preferences option: thin line numbering (to be found under the item Editor)
  • Markup commands are now Collected under the menu item "Markup" including various new actions for formatting text including corresponding keyboard shortcuts:
    • Heading 5 6
    • Quotation
    • Code
    • Comment
    • Ordered List
    • Unordered List
    • Underline
    • Image
    • More Actions
      • Convert to Tag
      • Copy HTML Code with distinction between whole text and selected text
    • CriticMarkup: Highlight, Add, Comment, Remove, Replace
  • Icons for notebooks new options in the preferences for notebooks
    • Images can be added by drag'n drop to the icon field
    • Emojis and Symbols can be added by drag'n drop to the icon field
    • Any non-image file can be added by drag'm drop to the icon field, in this case the file-own symbol icon, for apps the app icon is used
    • New icons for the integrated icon collection, and internally improved the iconbrowser
    • Added icon reset option in the notebooks icon presets
  • Menu items and Keyboard shortcuts for text / preview view switch and expand / collapse attachment bar added (under the main menu item View)
  • Menu item "Move entry to" added (under the main menu item File)
  • Menu item "Duplicate entry to" added (under the main menu item File)
  • Color labels can now also be set via the right-click menu of the entry list
  • Note-C is now also localized in French


  • text editor: remove markup menu action renewed
  • Smark parser updated
  • BBCode parser updated
  • Textile-Parser updated to 3.6.0
  • new icons for the interface
  • help completely revised


  • optimizations to the Textbundle and Textpack creation
  • improved display of the selected entry in the entry list
  • improved display of the notes list
  • dark mode-look updated to the current macOS version
  • QuickExport internal improvements
  • unnecessary elements in the interface of the export manager removed
  • internal improvements in the export manager
  • minor improvements for sorting the file list
  • improvements in the status bar popover window
    • user interface updated
    • text-field uses the same font and color as the main editor
    • when opening the status bar popover window the notebook selected in the main window will be preselected in the popover window
  • behavior, color and appearance of the icon adjusted in the status bar
  • improvements when exporting as an ePub file: only attachments used in the eBook text are included in the final file
  • attachments of the currently selected entry which are added or renamed outside Note-C, will be recognized and reloaded whenNote-C becomes active
  • the deletion of individual entries via the delete command can be revoked
  • organization and management of notebooks in the preferences reorganized and simplified
  • Preferences: diverse items of the user interface reorganized


  • Main menu rearranged
    • Export-Manager, Tab-Action-Manager and CSS-Style-Manager are now located under "Tools"
  • fixes a problem with the strands display
  • fixes a bug when creating strands on the status bar where strands were not saved under certain circumstances
  • fixes a bug when creating PDF and ePub files through the Export Manager
  • fixes a bug that prevented overwriting existing files when exporting entries, even if this is explicitly desired
  • fixes an error where the color label display in the file list was not displayed correctly
  • fixes an error when exporting ePub files if an & sign appears in the file name of attachments which can cause the generated ePub not to be readable by eBook readers
  • fixes an error that results in an internal crash of Note-C when deleting a notebook from the preferences, if the affected notebook was the last in the list and was currently selected in the main window
  • fixes an error in the attachment bar where files with special file extensions have no icon displayed
  • fixes an error in the Quicklook display of files in the attachment bar of files that do not use UTF-8 encoding
  • fixes an error when returning from full-screen and distraction-free mode to normal mode
  • fixes problems setting full screen mode preferences when full-screen mode is enabled

Until next time!


MarkupTable 1.1.1 released

The newest update for MarkupTable can be downloaded from the Mac App Store now.

There have been no changes since the last Beta, therefore there is only the already known list of changes you can expect from this new version:


  • MarkupTable can now read CSV files that are not encoded with UTF-8

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed a bug that caused the closing quotation mark to be swallowed in cells which contents ends with a quotation mark (") when reading in CSV files

Until next time!

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