Textbundle Editor

In the last months I worked on several new and existing applications simultaneously. Today I want to introduce you to the application Textbundle Editor. As the name implies, Textbundle Editor is an application for working with Textbundle-files. But Textpack-files can also be processed by the Textbundle Editor.

The idea begind creating Textbundle Editor was to have a small and compact application for opening and editing Textbundle- and Textpack-files which should be as quick and easy just like opening a plain text-file in Texteditor.

In addition to opening the text, the Textbundle Editor also displays the assets contained in the Textbundle- or Textpack-file as well as the set markup language and also makes it possible to modify these areas.

Take a look at the Overview-page of Textbundle Editor to get a good overview of the functionality of the application and if you are interested you can also download the beta-version to try out Textbundle Editor immediately.

Until next time!