HashGazer - Markup Previewing-App

As I hinted in the last entry, today I present my second new application: #Gazer. #Gazer is a previewing-application for Markup formatted text. #Gazer supports the Markup-Languages Markdown, MarkdownExtra, MultiMarkdown, HTML, Textile, Wikitext, BBCode, and Smark, and can display pure text-, Textbundle-, and Textpack-files.

The preview of the current document updates automatically each time the displayed file is saved.

This makes #Gazer ideal for working with Textbundle Editor, but also with Note-C and Myary and other text editors that process markup-formatted texts, work well with #Gazer.

#Gazer offers many options to customize the "viewing experience" to your personal needs. Check out the overview-page for #Gazer to get a good overview of the functionality of the application and if you are interested you can also download the beta-version to try out #Gazer immediately.

Until next time!

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