Easy-Cat 1.0.1 released

This little update for Easy-Cat improves the general behavior under macOS Mojave and fixes an error displaying error messages or hints under certain conditions.

The most important change, however, is that Easy-Cat no longer crashes when attempting to concatenate a project with more than 3000 files. Still I have to mention that Easy-Cat is a GUI for the terminal tool cat, and the terminal tool can concatenate only a finite number of elements at once. This is also the case with Easy-Cat and therefore projects with many thousands of files are internally divided into smaller groups and concatenated. These generated files can then also be concatenated in order to then generate an overall single file. That is not quite so comfortable, but unfortunately unavoidable.

Full Release Notes:

Easy-Cat can now also process projects with more than 3000 files and no longer crashes when trying to concatenate so many files. These many files will not concatenated into a single file, but only as many files as possible are concatenated. This leads to several files in the final result. An appropriate warning will appear in the program if more than 3000 files are added to a single project. For example, 8000 files are now grouped in three end files. These can also be concatenated to get a single large file.

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