eBookBinder 1.5.2 released

eBookBinder 1.5.2 is now available on the Mac App Store. This update offers several improvements and two new additional options.

The first new option is to include a cover-chapter. Many modern eBooks and correspondingly also eBook readers only show the cover picture briefly when opening an eBook for the first time and this cover picture cannot be displayed in the normal reader display again, since the cover picture is not considered part of the book content. With the option embed a cover-chapter this behavior is avoided and thus the cover picture can be displayed at any time after the first opening in the reader.

The second new option, matching the new option just described, is the choice of the start chapter that an eBook reader should open when the eBook is opened for the first time, provided the eReader in question also supports this function. In addition to the first chapter, both the table of contents and the cover can be set as the starting point.

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