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MarkMyWords 2 is coming in 2021

Version 2.0.0 of MarkMyWords will be released in 2021 and will be available as a free update for all users who have purchased MarkMyWords on the Mac App Store.
MarkMyWords 2.0.0 can already be tested and used as a beta version today. On the website for MarkMyWords 2 there is a corresponding download link and the page also offers a first look at the new version. Users who have purchased MarkMyWords on the Mac App Store can use this beta version without any restrictions or time limits. All other users can test this version for 30 days without any restrictions.

Highlights of MarkMyWords 2

New sidebar

The most obvious visual change in MarkMyWords 2 is the new sidebar, which replaces both the old drawer design and the previous file navigator. This makes the use of MarkMyWords more convenient.

Text clips

in the sidebar now also Textclips are located that replace the One-Click-system and are no longer tied to the respective Markup-language. There is also the option of creating groups for Textclips, e.g. on different topics in order to get a better overview of the existing Textclips.

Improved Extension-system

The Extension-system (formerly Plugins) offers with MarkMyWords 2 more possibilities. In addition to the new JSON data package, which can be transferred to Extensions and thus provides practically all available information about the current file, MarkMyWords 2 now also offers its own Extension-manager. With this, the Extensions can be managed, edited and new Extensions can be created directly in MarkMyWords.


Quicksave, formerly Predefined Folders, has also been revised. In particular, the creation of new directories has been simplified and can be done quickly using the MarkMyWords preferences. But the use of the Quicksave system in conjunction with the file-navigator has also been improved and now offers the user expanded options for adapting displays and behavior to their own needs.

So much for today, I hope you enjoy trying out MarkMyWords 2.

Until next time!


PlainPad 1.0.1 released

The new version of PlainPad is now available on the Mac App Store. In addition to a few minor improvements, with this update PlainPad also gets a few additional features that make editing text easier. The exact details of this update can be found in the list of changes below.

Changes in this version

  • text actions via the menu or shortcut
    • indent and reindent of text
    • move text up, down, left and right
    • duplicate text up, down, left and right
    • various commands to move the insertion point quickly


  • allows handling of very large files that caused PlainPad to freeze. In these cases the character counter and the padding setting of the text field are deactivated
  • if the option „Open untitled document on start-up“ is deactivated, a new document can still be created by clicking on the dock icon
  • Preference option for the editor: the font size can now also be set with a self-defined size in addition to the preset values
  • minor internal updates

Bug fixes:

  • fixes a bug in the display of the help pages

Important Links:

Purchase PlainPad at the Mac App Store

Download the Demo Version of PlainPad

PlainPad Overview

PlainPad Release Notes

Until next time!

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