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MarkMyWords2 Beta 2

The second beta of MarkMyWords2 brings some improvements under the hood. There has been a major change in the way the preview is generated. The macOS security system severely restricts access to web content from apps, which makes the integration of external scripts, CSS files, etc. much more difficult. In the first beta of MarkMyWords2, only images, that were inserted into documents, were considered. With the changes in the Beta2 of MarkMyWords2, extended accessibility is now available.

If the current document is in a Quicksave folder, resources from the same Quicksave folder can be included in the document. As a simplified example, in a Quicksave folder there is the document "Document.txt" and the directories "Scripts" and "Styles" each with the corresponding content:


Then you can integrate to the Document "Document.md" the files "Text.js" and "Test.css" now easily:

<script src="Scripts/Test.js"></script>
<link href='Styles/Test.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

The new system is made possible by the creation of a temporary preview file in the Quicksave folder, which is automatically removed after the document is closed.

The changes result in expanded possibilities to adapt the documents to your own wishes and should be of interest to experienced users.

Changes in Beta 2


  • mew display system with the possibility of integrating further elements
  • under certain circumstances, the attachment area was not activated immediately when a new document was saved
  • improvements in the action "Print formatted text"
  • for the export of the current document it is no longer necessary that the document is already saved

On the website for MarkMyWords 2 there is a corresponding download link and the page also offers a first look at the new version. Users who have purchased MarkMyWords on the Mac App Store can use this beta version without any restrictions or time limits. All other users can test this version for 30 days without any restrictions.

So much for today, I hope you enjoy trying out MarkMyWords 2.

Until next time!


Easy-Cat 1.0.3 released

This small update for Easy-Cat fixes a bug that was introduced with the last update. The error prevented files from being added to the file list vie Drag'n Drop.

Important Links:

Purchase Easy-Cat at the Mac App Store

Download the Demo Version of Easy-Cat

Easy-Cat Overview

Easy-Cat Release Notes

Until next time!


SizeMyPics 1.7.0 released

SizeMyPics 1.7.1 is now available on the Mac App Store! This update improves and fine-tunes the work with SizeMyPics in various areas. The following list summarizes all changes.

The complete list of changes


  • additional check routine implemented, which checks before batch processing whether the specified images exist and read access to them is guaranteed. This also prevents a possibility of SizeMyPics getting stuck in the batch process
  • you can now set your own values ​​for the text size of the watermark function
  • various internal updates
  • various adjustments to the user interface

Important Links:

Purchase SizeMyPics at the Mac App Store

Download the Demo Version of SizeMyPics

SizeMyPics Overview

SizeMyPics Release Notes

Until next time!

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