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eBookBinder 1.10.0 released

eBookBinder 1.10.0 is now available on the Mac App Store.
This version offers various new features. The source code editor in particular is probably the most exciting new feature for experienced users, as it allows more complex changes to the individual chapters. In addition, the source code editor also offers the option of inserting images into the respective chapters.
The other changes that this new version offers can be read in the following release notes.

The complete list of changes


  • new source code editor for chapters to edit the HTML directly. This also offers the option of inserting images
  • preferences for font, color and size for text-areas that are intended for code editing
  • eBookBinder projects can be duplicated via File > Duplicate current eBookBinder project
  • new preference option for automatically taking over of H1-Tags as chapter titles when importing chapters from files formatted with markup
  • new feature in the advanced area for the CSS part. If an eBook has been imported, under CSS options there is now the option to revert back to the imported CSS


  • text-areas for the advanced area CSS and HTML-header adjusted so that they are more suitable for code editing
  • text-areas for editing the templates in the preferences adjusted so that they are more suitable for code editing
  • smaller improvements to the visual editor
  • smaller improvements for the eBook import
  • smaller improvements for the import of HTML documents as chapters
  • smaller improvements in the handling of images when importing eBooks
  • smaller improvements in the import of markup-formatted documents that contain references to images if no shared directories are specified in the preferences

Important Links:

Purchase eBookBinder at the Mac App Store

Download the Demo Version of eBookBinder

eBookBinder Overview

eBookBinder Release Notes

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