AnoLTEd 1.0.1 released

AnoLTEd 1.0.1 is now available on the Mac App Store.

This small update fixes a bug in AnoLTEd when processing texts.

About AnoLTEd:

AnoLTEd is a frontend for LanguageTool.org's web service for checking texts for spelling and grammar errors. I only recently came across this service, although it has been around for a while, and I really liked LanguageTool's performance. In addition, LanguageTool offers a free web interface to integrate LanguageTool into your own apps or other projects. Until now, I never had the opportunity to work with such an app-server communication, which was another reason to start this small project.

LanguageTool currently supports about 30 different languages, some of them also in different dialects, for spelling and grammar checking. These can also be set in AnoLTEd. AnoLTEd was specifically designed to work with plain text files and therefore works well with markup formatted files. For example, AnoLTEd is a great companion to the apps Myary and Note-C, where the "Edit In" button can be used to quickly send to, check and edit the current text in AnoLTEd.

AnoLTEd can be downloaded free of charge and without restrictions from the Mac App Store. The in-app purchases included in AnoLTEd are optional, for those who want to support my work a little.

Important Links:

Download AnoLTEd on the Mac App Store

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