MarkMyWords 2.9.0 released

MarkMyWords 2.9.0 is now available on the Mac App Store!

Javascript Extensions

With MarkMyWords 2.9.0, extensions can now also be created with Javascript. Because Javascript is implemented in macOS itself and offers various integration options, it provides easy access for the development of your own extensions. In addition, the scripting languages previously supported by MarkMyWords (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby) are no longer readily available in newer macOS versions and require additional software to be installed, which is not very practical for those who do not also happen to work with these languages.

It is therefore obvious that the further development of extensions will focus primarily, perhaps even exclusively, on functions with Javascript.

A first batch of smaller extensions written with Javascript can already be downloaded from MarkMyWords-Extensions-Seite. These are mainly implementations of existing extensions that were developed in PHP.

If you want to develop your own extensions, you should first read the Extensions chapter in the MarkMyWords help. There you will also find a list of special variables and functions that may be important for the development of your own MarkMyWords extensions.

Further new features

In addition to the introduction of Javascript extensions, this update of MarkMyWords offers a few other interesting new functions. Firstly, the conversion of numbers into full words. You can now simply write 100 in the text and by pressing the Tab key the number is converted to "one hundred".

The text check function has also been given a new feature: Error learning. Since some errors occur again and again, in my case there were many forms of the old German spelling, this function is very useful. Instead of having to correct these errors over and over, learned errors are automatically corrected during the check.

The last major new function is a service for MarkMyWords, which makes it possible to send selected text from any program to MarkMyWords and open it in a new document. This service can be found in the menu under Program name > Services > MMW Document from selected text. Please note that text must be selected, otherwise this command will not appear.

In addition, this update for MarkMyWords offers several other improvements and bug fixes which, as usual, can be found in the list of changes.

The complete list of changes:

MarkMyWords requires at least macOS 10.13 or newer as of this version



Bug fixes:


Markup parser:
Smark bug fixes:

MultiMarkdown bug fixes:

Markdown, MarkdownExtra, MultiMarkdown bug fixes:

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