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Sometimes there are issues downloading apps from the Mac App Store. This can have various reasons. The following is a solution that eliminates the problems in most cases:

  1. Delete the problematic app, if it is still in the Applications-Folder
  2. Log out of the Mac App Store via "Store > Sign Out" Menu-Item
  3. Reboot your Mac
  4. Open the Mac App Store-App and resign in with your Apple-ID
  5. Click on your account to see the past purchases and re-download the specific App

Please note, developers have no control over anything related to the Mac App Store (Purchases, Downloads). If your issues persist, please contact the Mac App Store Customer Service since they have more insight and can help you more specifically.

The payment process in the Mac App Store is completely handled by Apple, developers have no control over this process. Please contact Mac App Store Customer Support for a refund.

You can access customer support for the Mac App Store via the start page of the Mac App Store app under "Report a problem".

All applications from Xelaton Software have been developed exclusively for macOS systems. Versions for other operating systems are not available and are not planned.

This is of course very annoying. This can have various reasons. One can be problems with the app settings. This problem can be solved by deleting the settings of the affected app. Please note, that by deleting the app settings all data directly added to the app will also be lost. If this data does not exist as an additional backup, you should back it up separately beforehand.

Delete the app settings

  1. If the affected program is still active, close it
  2. Open the Finder app and select the menu item "Go > Go to folder..."
  3. Enter the following path: "~/Library/Containers"
  4. Find the folder "com.xelaton.NameDerApp" and delete it.

Then you can restart the affected app and it should start as it did when you started it for the first time.

Back up data added to the app

  1. Open the Finder app and select the menu item "Go > Go to folder ..."
  2. Enter the following path "~/Library/Containers"
  3. Find the folder "com.xelaton.NameDerApp" and open it
  4. Follow the folder structure as follows: Data > Library > Application Support > NameDerApp
  5. In the last folder you will find all the data that you have added to the app and can save it