Myary 1.5.0 Preview

The next big update of Myary is almost here. With version 1.5.0 users can expect many new features, improvements and optimizations.

Users of the Dark Mode and ISX 10.10 or higher will see the most visible addition right up after start of the app. Instead of using a custom Dark Mode, now the OSX-native Dark Mode "VibrantDark" will be used now. For users of older versions of OSX everything regarding the appearance, everything remains the same.

On the other hand the new feature of setting a color-label to an entry are available to everyone. The button to do this is is available on the right top of the screen. For this feature the color-labels of the file-system will be used, which offers best compatibility across applications. This way you can see the set color-labels also in the Finder-App and synchronization and keeping the labels intact using Dropbox e.g. performs also without unexpected side-effects.

Good news also for everyone who likes the Textbundle-format, entries can now exported as textbundle-files, and the derived format textpack (zipped textbundle-file) also joins the list of possible export-formats. When talking about exporting, starting with this version there is also a Quick-Export feature. The current selected entry can quickly exported to the desired format using the menu-command File > Entry Quick-Exort.

Also the text-editor got its share of improvements. For MultiMarkdown-Users it offers now support for creating tables and handling tables has been vastly improved.

These are just a few highlights of this update, all details what's new in this version are listed in the list of changes.

A Beta-Demo to try out the new features and improvements can be be downloaded from following link: Beta-Demo Download

If there are any issues, don’t hesitate and write a comment below this entry or use the support-form to write me a message.

The full list of changes:




Until next time!