MarkMyWords 2.3.0 released

MarkMyWords 2.3.0 is now available on the Mac App Store!

This update features a major overhaul for the Distraction Free Mode. All settings related to the text and behavior of the editor within the Distraction-Free Mode are now independent of the normal editor. In addition, all settings for the Distraction Free Mode are now made directly in this in a dedicated settings window instead of in the general preferemces as before.
The previous setting location in the general preferences in MarkMyWords for the distraction-free mode has therefore been removed.

Additionally there is a small improvement for the automatic text scrolling function, also known as typewriter scrolling, which should make working with this function much more pleasant. This function no longer starts at the beginning of a text, which in my opinion shouldn't be the case, but only after a certain amount of text is available, so that a certain part of the text can always be seen in longer texts.

The complete list of changes:



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